Do You Know What Will Happen After You Stop Smoking?

What happens after you stop smoking? Aside from positive comments from friends and family, stopping smoking has immediate effects. You will be able to breathe easier and have an improved sense of smell and taste immediately after 20 minutes you stop; there are a lot more positive effects of stopping smoking and here are some of the most amazing:

    Lungs - what happens after you stop smoking? Will you be able to regain lung health that you had before you started smoking? Yes, you will be able to regain your usual breathing capacity after several weeks of quitting smoking; you will also be able to breathe easier during times of stress and exercise. Smoking is the cause of 1 out of 5 deaths in the United States according to the American Lung Association which is why it is recommended that a smoker quits as soon as possible.

    Heart - your heart is the pump that circulates blood, nutrients and oxygen in the entire body; immediately 20 minutes after your final stick of cigarette your heart will be able to function better, circulation increases and oxygen levels are maintained to nourish tissues and organs.

    Eyes - with smoking-related blindness a possibility; you may want to quit as soon as you can. What happens after you stop smoking? Your intricate eye muscles will keep from degenerating and your risk of developing eyesight-related diseases will be reduced.

    Chronic illnesses and cancer - smoking increases the possibility of developing lung cancer however, as soon as you give up, you will reduce your risk of not only dying from lung cancer but also other types of cancer like cancer of the mouth, cancer of the throat, stomach, larynx, esophagus, pancreas, bladder, kidney and cancer of the cervix.

    Mouth - you will immediately save your teeth from staining due to nicotine when you stop smoking. Smoking also results to bad breath and reduced ability to taste and smell food; once you quit this bad habit, you will have improved taste, smell and will never have to worry about bad breath again.

    Fingernails and hands - aside from staining teeth, tobacco also stain the fingernails and leave a smell on your fingers and hands. Your hands and fingernails will never have to smell and look disgusting again. You will be able to face people without the worry of turning them off. Your clothes and hair will smell better too.

    Special benefit for childbearing women - women who quit smoking will have healthier babies that are born full term. Women who smoke are seen to have a higher risk in having miscarriages or delivering babies with low birth weight. Women who smoke even when pregnant often deliver babies with a physical or mental handicaps; some may even suffer from stillbirth.

Aside from the personal health benefits of stopping smoking, you will also improve the health and wellness of people around you. Your friends and family will enjoy breathing easily, with fewer allergies and living in a home with fresh air, sheets and curtains smelling smoke-free and with the risks of developing illnesses related to inhaling second hand smoke.

Article Source: Cyril Wee

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