How To Quit Smoking - Even If It's An Important Part Of Your Life

So you have been smoking for decades, it's a part of your life, you never go anywhere without your precious smokes and you certainly make sure that you never run out of cigarettes.

So how can you quit smoking when it's such an important part of your life. In fact it's more than a habit. It's a friend who comforts you when you are lonely or upset. It's a comfort to you in the middle of a cold dark night.

When you are bored it's there to give you something to do to make your life better. Cigarettes certainly make food taste better, and you wouldn't consider a fine wine or a boutique beer without a smoke to richly enhance the flavour.

An when you have that hacking cough first thing in the morning, your cigarettes are there to soothe your lungs and set you up for the day. And finally when you are hospitalised your smokes will be there to help bond with your fellow patients as you stand in the outside smoking areas with your drip stands and your matching hospital gowns.

So I'm wondering just how important those smokes are. The reality is that most smokers lead a double life. One part connects to smoking and holds on to all those special moments you have had with your favourite brand.

The other part wants to be free from the chains of smoking, but cigarettes are like a relationship that has run its course, you really should separate but you still get drunk and sleep together, so it's too hard to part, plus no one can decide who gets the dog.

Well any therapist will tell you that if you don't move on you will go nuts. So to with smoking, you need to recognize that your addicted and most of your cigarettes have nothing to do with nicotine.

So get a grip on reality and get your head into some advanced hypnosis, so that you can shake out all those old beliefs and connections. It's time for a new healthy relationship, one that doesn't make you smell or make your lungs bleed. One that doesn't involve paying for the holidays for cigarette company executives.

In fact there are a thousand things that you could do that would be better for you than smoking, things cheaper, safer and less smelly. But most importantly things that won't cause you a long slow grisly painful inconvenient death.

Article Source: Ian Newton

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