'Help Me Stop Smoking' - How Hypnosis Can Help You

Knowing how powerful hypnosis can be to help someone quit cigarettes once and for all, it's a real shame that many people out there will never consider it simply because of the misconceptions they have about hypnosis, what it is and how it works.

My goal here is to share some information with you. It's the exact thing I tell people when I meet a smoker, I tell them what I do and then immediately they say to me "help me stop smoking!"

So how does hypnosis help people quit this horrible habit? It's quite simple really. It just takes away that huge overwhelming URGE TO SMOKE. At the end of the day, once you have decided to quit, you wouldn't smoke if you didn't feel like a cigarette would you? 

Of course not and this is exactly what hypnosis can do for you. It allows you to experience a state (NATURALLY), that gives YOU a sense of control to go without a cigarette no matter what situations you might find yourself in which would have previously been huge triggers for you.

This is the real secret to helping people quit cigarettes with hypnosis. What people are really asking for when they say 'help me stop smoking' is this 'Please give me the control to easily go without a cigarette'. This is exactly what hypnosis does for you.

Of course there is no treatment in the world, this one included, that will ever guarantee that you won't decide to reach out, pick up a cigarette and light it up. It's for this very reason that I offer 2 FREE back up sessions any time in your lifetime. However, what I almost always find is that at the moment of that first puff after seeing me, it wasn't a craving or urge that made them have a cigarette, it was a decision to have one. Either after a few drinks or during some stressful situation.

When people are saying 'help me stop smoking', they are not saying 'take away my ability and free will to make a decision to smoke', they are saying 'take away the craving and the urge so I can be in control to make the decision NOT to have a cigarette'. That is exactly what I help smokers with.

The mindset before hypnosis is so crucially important. Want to know why? Because the actual hypnosis itself is SO easy, so simple and so enjoyable, but the mindset going into the hypnosis will make or break your feeling and level of control after the session.

So in a nutshell, here's a breakdown of what hypnosis IS and IS NOT:

It's a normal natural state that you drift in and out of through the day all the time. You label these times as 'being in the zone', or 'zoned out', or 'a million miles away'

It's a state of focussed, relaxed, attention. You are always in control to either 'go with the flow' of the suggestions or not. You're not going to fall asleep, you'll be aware of everything going on around at every moment. Hypnosis will never make you do something you don't already WANT to do.

As a quit cigarettes specialist in Sydney, Nick has already helped many people quit smoking permanently using a proven sixty minute hypnosis session.

Article Source: Nick Terrone

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